Xenoverse 2 just got improved Dlc, but the franchise isn’t quite there yet!


Dragon Ball games have been a part of my entire life. I played classics such as the Super Butoden series on the SNES and more recent but classic titles like the Budokai series. In my view, one of the best game is Budokai Tenkaichi 3 because of its gameplay and none of the other games of Dragon Ball has this type of gameplay at that time. Throughout the years I’ve also experienced terrible Dragon Ball games: Ultimate Battle 22, Final Bout, Legacy of Goku (the two sequels were wonderful, though), Taiketsu, Sagas, Ultimate Tenkaichi, Kinect, and Battle of Z. While it’s far from my favorite anime series compared to back in the day, the Dragon Ball franchise will always have a place in my heart so that’s why I’m always interested when a new game gets revealed.


After the disasters that came out post-Raging Blast 2, I just lost all hope for the games. Raging Blast 2 was far from being one of the best games either, but it was still enjoyable as it didn’t have obnoxious gameplay and stripped features. Then comes Xenoverse, which had its issues, but it resurrected my faith for Dragon Ball games to be above average once again. Additionally, it brought a feature that a lot of fans had been requesting for a while: the ability to finally create your own character. While there’s Dragon Ball Online, it wasn’t easily accessible.

Although it has fixed many problems and improved gameplay, Xenoverse 2, unfortunately, comes with its own problems as well. There were things that the first game did right and that should have been kept unchanged. Still, Xenoverse 2 keeps the dream alive that Dragon Ball games might return to their former glory. With Dragon Ball Super on-going, there’s plenty of content that can be added. The first DLC pack is already confirmed to have characters from Dragon Ball Super, even. for more you should click here: Dragon Ball Infinite


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